Tuesday, September 26, 2006

33: a birthday excerpt

My life has been in an intense and powerful transitionary space. It's been all encompassing and nothing feels solid, not love or money or home or life or death. It's not bad, it's all just so fluid and flowing there's nothing to grasp onto. I feel as if someone picked up all the pieces of my life and tossed them into the air and I am waiting, spellbound to see where each piece falls. I feel the free fall. I like the free, I fear the fall.

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Anonymous said...

hey, it's nicole.
I saw your birthday in the wemoon that you gave me, (or really that I aquired through there beinga an extra one....) that I hadn't looked at for several months as I was moving stuff around... i saw it two days afterward... so i was already late, but hello, happy birthday, i think i dreampt about you around then, I hope you are well.... :)