Wednesday, March 14, 2007

frustrated and grateful

I never thought I would be so truly dependent on computers, but I am. My lovely little machine has, for some reason, failed me again recently which meant I went a week without it, and now that it's back it doesn't feel like mine anymore. It's got a new operating system installed and I have to go through the hassle of transferring the data (of which, thank god, I had saved much though not all) onto it, replacing lost files and applications, some of which I paid for, and I am just annoyed about the whole thing.

Furthermore, my frustration is compounded by the fact that I really depend on it to write now, and I feel like writing more than ever before, and I am not getting to do so for all the lost time these inconvenieces cost me in conjunction with the immense busy-ness of my life. I mean, this is not what I wanna be writing about.

I pray for time and fluidity of currency so I have more opportunities to write. And do other things, like write at the beach or, say, Burning Man. For which, incidentally, I received my ticket today. Black Rock City, here I come - blessed be!

And in walks gratitude, a refreshment, a healing balm . Thanks, gratitude. I am grateful for your help.

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