Sunday, March 16, 2008

paean to a modern mystic

Body painted in reds and blues
you open your face to bellow melodies
that scream of soul’s initiation
of looming revelation
of stoned intoxication
the divine---
your holy verse delivered
in front of an electrified guitar choir
rumbling powerfully
fueled by sacred meter drumfire

ministering to many, your lyrics a koan
raising the level of human vibration
sending followers to seek an unknown
sung by you
your rage, your love
your holistic experience of godhead
dropping the hints we need
to reap the Eleusinian mysteries of our age

You, irreverent harbinger of the rains to come,
I am listening---
I have experienced communion through the sound of your voice,
a raw tremor and roar speaking directly to god,
resounding your poetry of sex and death
mother/ son
father/ child
the illusion of our pain
I have felt your parabols deliver me
to my mortal eternity
to the inborn wisdom seen
through my own third eye

in supplication
in prayer that I might behold you, hold you and
hear, at least once, the inflection of your voice
hummed directly in my ear
I offer my mind to yours to share in
metaphysical, psychedelic discourse,
I offer my flesh to yours to share in
sessions of salvation through intercourse
Maynard James, I would give you the holiest of gifts
I offer you my sacramental self


Ashaya said...

That's definitely some of the sexiest poetry I've ever read.......damn!

cassi said...

A story. Your blog was recommended to me by a friend who knows that I feed on all things that even make mention of midwifery. Its taken me a while to read through and catch up. My emotions have been stirred quite a few times and I've come to love you through your words.
Can you imagine my surprise and utter joy when I finally put all of the pieces together and figured out that our paths have crossed!
I have always admired your spirit, even in the darkest of my Shaler memories. And I have wondered where the years have taken you. And it makes me smile to see that those years have given us quite a few things in common.

cassi (Geier)