Saturday, April 20, 2013

birth prayer

I believe that when a woman gives birth, when a new soul is born onto the planet there is a tremendous movement of energy, that energy surges forth onto Earth from a different time, place, realm, from another corner of the Universe. I believe that in the cosmic gateway of birth more happens than the pure physiology of a new mammal making the short but labored journey from inside the womb of its maternal source to life outside the womb on its own terms.

I believe that if a mother and father so choose that they can seek to direct this powerful release of energy, akin to the massive release that occurs during nuclear fission's profound moment of one becoming two, toward a specific intention, a stated prayer, a pointed focus. I believe it is a tremendous honor, responsibility, and privilege as a birthing family to acknowledge this power and to have the opportunity to choose the focus of our birth energy. I am grateful beyond adequate expression that I am approaching the gates of birth with this awareness in my mind and heart and to have a partner who shares the same belief and commitment to utilizing our child's birth as an opportunity for constructive intention setting.

I believe that humanity is in a terrifying deadlock in the course of our development as a species. I believe that humans are unique, astronomically intelligent, creative, and powerful entities. I believe that the only limits we face as a species are the limits we put upon ourselves through fear: fear of lack, fear of pain and suffering, fear of the unknown, fear of loneliness, fear of inadequacy, fear of loss, fear of death. I believe that fear is an illusion and that we can abolish fear from our collective consciousness and in doing so that we will conquer all barriers we previously believed existed, but only ever existed in our fearful minds.

I believe that humanity is staggeringly fortunate to live on an abundant, gorgeous, generous paradise called planet Earth. I believe that amongst the resources the Earth, Sun, Atmosphere, and Oceans provide for us in conjunction with our keen abilities to create, grow, build, problem solve, and develop technology that there are infinite solutions to all of the plagues of civilization and our growing population. I believe that there are absolutely no justifiable, logical reasons for there to be war, poverty, hunger, oppression, violence, hatred, prejudice, energy crises, or rampant environmental devastation occurring on this planet. I believe we are capable of developing ample solutions to live in a utopia, yes, I said, "utopia," in which all beings have their needs met for love, safety, nourishment, education, enrichment, freedom, comfort, joy, creative expression, connectedness, spiritual exaltation, and global as well as inner peace.
I believe the only thing that prevents humanity from achieving this optimistic and brilliant state of being is our belief that we cannot achieve it.

Thus, it is my heartfelt prayer and intensely focused intention that the energy from my imminent birthing will activate the planetary inception of an instinctive, intuitive, verifiable belief in the consciousness of every human to live on the face of Earth that we are absolutely capable of creating a global culture of peace, love, prosperity, harmony with the natural world, and wellness to be enjoyed by all beings. We shall understand that we have moved beyond fear and into the grace of acceptance of all positive possibilities. We shall be aware that sufficient abundance and solutions exist to guide us to the most holistic and effective outcomes for the betterment of all, and that we simply need to cooperate with all other entities on the planet to achieve these visions.

I also believe that my birth energy can be directed toward healing for a specific individual, and I pray that this energy move into my beloved friend Rowan Farrell Trombetta for the purpose of supporting her body in its process of healing and rejuvenation, and in eradicating cancer cells from her body.

I offer the gratitude of blessed lifetimes for the opportunity to set my prayers into motion and for my prayers being received, activated, and effective. I humbly honor, exalt, and give thanks for the unfathomable power, wisdom, and beauty of the Universe. So mote it be. 

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