Tuesday, November 15, 2005

what's in a name?

I mentioned that I had thought about creating a blog for some time. I have to admit that one of the big things that kept me from doing it sooner was my inability to come up with a name for my blog. Yes, what I called my journal, the catchy moniker that would live at the top of my page and of which my own URL address would be composed eluded me, and so there would be no spur of the moment public postings of my own unique perspective until I came up with a name.

Buddhamama, obviously, was taken. Though I dispute my mother's claim to alpha bitch (I think once I began breeding I quickly assumed the alpha status in our family), I certainly didn't want to use my pack position in my blog title. I wanted it to be witty but unassuming. I had to fight very hard against intolerable, innate tendencies to make the title, like other things I write, overly long and descriptive, mired in the sacred feminine, and worst of all, HIPPIE-LIKE. No hippie title for my blog, I simply wasn't going to have it.

I wanted a play on words. I wanted to play with words. I love words. They're like ingredients. I can mix them up in all these different combinations to make endless permutations of tasty treats for our eyes and our ears and our psyches and our souls. I love to feed you, I love to feed me. I want my blog to taste good.

I really like alliteration, too. I tend to overuse it in my poetry. I was exploring alliterative phrases with my name. Justi's juxtaposition. Dorky. Justi's juxtaposition of what? Well, of words, of course. But, I really like that word juxtaposition. How about Justi's position? Same thing, Justi's position on what? Oh. Justi's position on anything. It's my blog. I'm sharing my position. I am positing my truth. This writing exercise is my effort to posit on anything I want. (D'you like that one, Russ? Get it, posit on? That was for you.)

So what? Who cares what I have to say? It's just a position. It could be anyone's or no one's. It's subjective. But it's not offensive that way because I acknowledge up front, it's just a position. Take it or leave it. I am not that attached to it. I certainly don't expect you to be.

With this juxtaposition of words I thee wed. With this juxtaposition of words I devastate thee for lifetimes. Nah. With this juxtaposition of words the little piggy says wee-wee-wee all the way home. Tasty treats. Sumptuous verbal snacks. Take a bite...

Just in case you were wondering, I promise that my blog is not always going to be about my blog. The novelty is already starting to wear off. Other topics will gain sovereignty soon. I feel their insurgencies rising in my breast.

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don said...

so for somebody concerned with words, you might want to know that 'URL address' is somewhat redundant, as URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator... ;)