Monday, April 03, 2006


Last week there was a Poetix Lounge in Asheville, an event that has become one of my favorite outings. It's a gathering of local poets and DJ's mixing it up and inspiring each other by putting out there insightful words, groove-you music and a lot of passion. It has consistently proved to be a hotbed of raw talent and moving performances. I have been lucky to have been invited to participate in several of these events and last week I wrote a couple of new pieces specifically for this edition of the Lounge.

The theme was "gourmet soul food for thought" and I wrote this and am publishing it today in honor of my lovely sons' return home this weekend. I rejoice everytime they make it safely back by my side. Hallelujah!

at my breast

chunky little milk monkey with big eyes and fat legs
gazing up at my face, nipple on tongue
nipple stretched beyond reason by an eager mouth
sucking with the force of a rocket escaping the stratosphere

I feed you, body and soul
on my milky emulsion
on my heart strings and hope
on my love affair
larger than anything ever known

with every gulp you suck my essence into your gut
we are one
my love
I am you and you are me
you who grew in my temple's core
you who today are long and smart and
becoming adolescently independent

I feed you still
hours upon hours spent
shopping, washing, chopping, mixing, seasoning, cooking, serving
then over and over and over again
gone from my breast I am stretched beyond reason
to nourish from an external source
a bounty of wholesome ingredients
transformed by my love

nipples long and soft and low on my chest
breasts empty
everyday you grow taller
further from my arms
which open wider
to let you go
with your heart and your belly full
of me

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