Sunday, April 30, 2006

we're writing a book! (yes, us!)

I think I would like to write a book.

This idea feels like it is a large improbability considering I can barely keep up on writing a blog post once a week, but I just spent the last two hours (literally) perusing items for sale on, and you know, I believe I've got it in me.

What do you think? If I were to write a book, about what should I write it?

I'll tell you what. If you send me a note or a comment on a topic for my book, and I choose your topic, succeed in writing the book, and then manage to get my book published, I will mention you first in the acknowledgements, provide you with as many free copies of the book as you would like, make you dinner once a month for a year, and give you the first $100 of any profit I make.

I think this is a very generous offer, so get to work 99 monkeys, and I'll be your hundredth.


tena said...

ooh...oooooh...i wanna help you write a book!



Anonymous said...

I happen to know that you're eminently qualified to write a book about children and animals... their interactions, how they seem to view each other, what they're born knowing about each other and what you can teach them...

Go for it!

Tam at FMF (monkey #76)