Tuesday, June 12, 2007


"I know the pieces fit 'cause I watched them fall away."

Whether we like it or not it is nearly irrefutable that we humans belong together in community, in tribes, in family groups. We are social creatures and once upon a time, it is likely that we got along, at least as well as other animals do, which is to say that while we might have gotten nasty to defend our food supply or our children or mate if called to do so, we didn't argue over the petty shit. There was no petty shit.

"Mildewed and smoldering. Fundamental differing.
Pure intention juxtaposed will set two lovers souls in motion
Disintegrating as it goes, testing our communication."

So now we have these big brains and these big fucking ideals, and life is one big existential crisis compounded by imminent social and environmental collapse. Without such pressure we have a hard time figuring out how to express ourselves to each other. Now we get set off by each other even when our goals and desires are in accordance with each other. Our work is in learning how to recognize that perspective is everything, we are each entirely the sum of our experiences, and then to talk, write, sign, look at each other in more effective ways so that we can quit bickering and work towards integration.

"The light that fueled our fire then has burned a hole between us so
We cannot see to reach an end, crippling our communication."

So it hurts. We hurt. We hurt from broken families and broken homes and broken cultures. It hurts when others say and do things we do not understand, and our pain blinds us to try to see where they are coming from, just as it hurts to say something that is then not understood by others, and our pain blinds us to try to see where they have been coming from. We do not function well in our pain and we have a hard time getting to the place where perhaps we need to explain further or apologize or make progress or forgive. If we do not? Breakdown.

"I know the pieces fit 'cause I watched them tumble down
No fault, none to blame - it doesn't mean I don't desire to
Point the finger, blame the other, watch the temple topple over."

Goddammit, look here! I know there is a better way! I know we don't have to destroy each other and the earth! I know if you just do it this way we can make it!

No way! We are doomed, we're fucked, we don't have a chance in hell. Give up, fuck you all, I am doing whatever I want!

"To bring the pieces back together, rediscover communication."

Interesting. Hmmm, ok. I'll try to....Listen. Speak with consideration, deliberation, care. Think. Be patient. Accept other's faults, their baggage, the places they've been, their sun sign and moon sign and rising sign. Apologize. Keep humor intact. Be compassionate. Metered. Diplomatic. Creative, constructive, effective. Cooperative. Lose insecurities and quit fantasizing that it's all about me. Listen with my mind wide open. Speak with my tongue not barbed.

"The poetry that comes from the squaring off between,
And the circling is worth it.
Finding beauty in the dissonance."

Maybe there is something to be learned from with whom I do not agree. Maybe there is a magic, a lesson in our discord, like a chord thumped loudly on the strings of our souls. Beauty in dissonance? The light in the dark, remember? The dark that is a light? Let the paradox arise!

"There was a time that the pieces fit, but I watched them fall away.
Mildewed and smoldering, strangled by our coveting."

Ecosystem, biosystem, social systems that sustain. Once and future world views that work only when there is no desperate grabbing for power, wealth, resources, fame.

"I've done the math enough to know the dangers of our second guessing,
Doomed to crumble unless we grow, and strengthen our communication. "

Well, this sure seems to keep coming up again and again. The crumbling is around our ears, in our eyes, our air, water, food, homes, relationships, families. Needing each other as advocates, this lifetime not fulfilled. Sure extinction is a real possibility, but it isn't here yet, isn't a choice as much as a possible outcome, but until then what? I am here with you, all of you.

"Cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion
Between supposed lovers...
Between supposed brothers..."

Silence = Death. Ever heard that before? You are my supposed lovers, my supposed brothers. I refuse to be silent. I beg of you to use your voices, as well, and use them well...

"I know the pieces fit!
I know the pieces fit!
I know the pieces fit!
I know the pieces fit!
I know the pieces fit!
I know the pieces fit!
I know the pieces fit!
I know the pieces fit!"

("schism" by TOOL, by whom I am gratefully humbled.)

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