Sunday, February 26, 2006

dre-e-e-e-eams, dreams, dreams, dreams

I kissed G to wake him up this morning. He mumbled, " I don't like Eris."

"You don't like Eris?" I questioned thinking of the little girl who used to be in our homeschool group.

Getting my meaning he responded, still groggy, "Yeah, the goddess. I don't like Eris. I had a dream she was trying to destruct everything. I kept destroying her machines that were trying to make the monster things go back to life. She kept trying to turn people into stuff. Ferrets and stuff. She was trying to turn L into a ferret. He had a ferret spine and a whole bunch of hair growing up his back to his head."

L interjects, "You didn't try to save me?!"

"I tried!" G says, "I tried like three times but I couldn't stop her."

"What did Eris look like?" I query.

"A blue lady. Her hair was long and black. I think she was wearing her hair."

"Was she pretty?" I wondered.

G says, "Not to my extent. And she certainly was not summoning things that were pretty."

To my extent, that was a pretty cool dream.

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