Wednesday, February 22, 2006


A few weeks ago L was working on writing something, perhaps an e-mail, and I said to him, "You know, you're old enough now that you really need to be focusing on correct punctuation when you write."

He replied, "Punctuation? What's that, like dots and stuff?"

Yeah, dots and stuff. What a stellar homeschooling moment.

Homeschool music class sounds something like this:
(in the car, "Iron Man" blares from the speakers)
"Hey you guys! Who's this?"

"Black Sabbath?"


The first time L answered the Black Sabbath homeschool quiz correctly he was about 4 years old.

Lately G has been getting into more music. He has pretty eclectic tastes, like his mom. He loves soul music, and he has an entire 60's soul box set from his dad to which we listen whenever it's his turn to choose the music. Then, yesterday he made me play "The Christians and the Pagans" by Dar Williams twice in a row because he liked it so much. And I made a mix CD for Solstice with this Anti-con/Bjork remix on it that's all moody and breaky and hip hop and such, and he told me that was his favorite song on the mix. He said, "I like that song that starts out really simple, and they keep adding more and more to it." And, he likes trance.

Dear heavens, they are by far the most wonderful people on the planet. I love them so much, they make EVERYTHING worthwhile. As much as I respect those of you who choose not to breed, I must say, I cannot begin to imagine how my life would seem worth living without my children. They are quintessential. They are love incarnate, embodied, realized. They are pure, they are truth, they are the point. It is no wonder I want more of them. How could I turn away the possibility of exponentially increasing the amount of love in my home, in my family, in the world? I cannot resist the lure of more blessings with whom to share my meager life. I live in constant gratitude that my days are graced by these offspring of mine.

For their breakfast this morning I made a lovely quiche from a large, fresh, green emu egg. Does life get any better than this?

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anticon bjork remix?
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